Electronic Product Development

Partner Electronics can provide a full product development service or subset as required, including the project management, development, testing and introduction to manufacturing

With many years experience at every stage of product development, we can go with you as your idea progresses from concept to production

The first stage is to understand and agree the product goals and a mode of working. This describes the scope of work, the responsibilites and how risks and costs are communicated and managed. This is important as we recognise that initial expectations of a product change and evolve as the development progresses, and a good understanding from the beginning helps resolve these challenges effectively

From here the phases and milestones of the project can be defined that then become the outline for the rest of the development. These phases will depend on the product and the goals, but will typically include

  • Feasibility and specification, identifying and addressing risks
  • High level design
  • Development and prototype
  • Pre-production Development and Product Testing and Approval
  • Pilot Production
  • Full Production

At each stage Partner Electronics can provide support, design resource or full project management.  Regular feedback is given to manage risk and cost.