Race Car Products

With so many race teams close by, we were bound to develop products for race cars...

StartLights2 StartLights2 StartLights2 StartLights2

Launched for the start of the GP2 and GP3 season, StartLights2 is being used by StatusGP to get the most from the practise sessions.

StartLights2 allows drivers to practise the race start and be able to measure the driver response to start lights using a single input to the car system. It is designed to be simple to fit into the car, simple to use and quick to remove.

The lights are mounted in the car directly in front of the driver and a small control box allows the driver to start the sequence. The control box generates a signal following the lights, that the car systems can record. This allows the engineer to precisely measure the response of the driver to the race start sequence.

It's all on the car and under the driver's control.

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BeagleBone Black Products

We found these BeagleBone Blacks very helpful at times and have produced some capes along the way. Get in touch if you'd like some, or tell us what else you'd like...


Half cape RTC board: Add a battery backed RTC to the BeagleBone Black so it can keep time when not powered.

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Module Products

Partner Electronics Ltd. provide a series of products aimed at professional engineers wanting to keep costs and development timescales low. No need to do it yourself when we can supply a cost effective and proven solution.


Our 2A high efficiency switching regulators are ideal drop-in replacements for where linear regulators would otherwise generate too much heat or lose you too much power. They are pin out compatible with the standard 78xxx linear regulator series but are up to 92% efficient, and can supply up to 1A without a heatsink. more

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