Switching Regulators: PE-83Sxxx


  • Efficiency up to 92%
  • No need for a heat sink up to 1.0A
  • Wide input supply range
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • The PE-83Sxxx are a series of high efficiency switching regulators that can supply up to 2A from a wide input voltage range.

    The high efficiency means little energy is wasted as heat and no heatsink is required, so reducing both size and cost.

    Pin-out is compatible with standard 78xx linear regulators

    Ordering Information

    Part number output voltage Input voltage Price
    (ex VAT)
    PE-83S2V5 2.5V 5.0 to 24.0V£18.00coming soon
    PE-83S3V3 3.3V 5.3 to 24.0V£18.00coming soon
    PE-83S5V0 5.0V 7.0 to 24.0V£18.00
    PE-83S12V 12.0V14.0 to 24.0Vaskcoming soon

    Other voltages available on request.

    For prices and delivery please

    e-mail sales@partnerelectronics.com

    or call 01327 856400