Looking for contractors?

Contractors are often the type of resource used when an engineering team has reached capacity or because a particular skill is required. However contractors can be a less than perfect solution to this problem.

Partner Electronics can provide the additional resource your team needs in a more flexible and controllable way, whilst reducing overall cost and risk

Already busy but need to get more done?

What do you do when everyone in your team are fully scheduled, and the next job comes in? Work longer hours, start the recruiting process or drop the work?

Partner Electronics gives you the reinforcements needed to take those opportunities without long term commitments, stress and delays. Don't let those opportunities get away!

Benefits of working with Partner Electronics

  • Access to skilled and experienced engineering team
  • Vary skills mix and level throughout project
  • Pay for resource as it is required, rather than fixed weekly costs
  • Flexible and able to react to your project needs
  • We don't disappear at the end of a project and are available for low level ongoing support or fast response on further tasks
  • Avoid IR35 and other contractor related issues
  • Simple and professional relationship, often avoiding agencies and HR

Give it a try.....

The true test is seeing the difference, so get in touch and talk to us about how we can show this in action. Don't settle for an individual contractor when you can access a whole team!